Bana was named the second Sapa Vietnam, which is known as the “Pearl of the climate” of the Central, is one of the tourist center of the famous resort of Indochina’s most advanced in the French colonial period. It’s no exaggeration to say that Bana as the green lungs of the city of Danang when this place is the only place where visitors can bring fresh air sources, fresh and unique feel of the interference of four seasons in one day. Discover Bana to feel the change of nature in every moment. Peace, liberation and daydreaming with impressive nature is what you can feel.


Visitors to Cham Island will experience moments of poetic, floating on the river. Time saved on the island, visitors not only enjoy the cultural values of the archaeological sites related to the residence of ancient people 3,000 years ago, but also learned the process of exchanges and trading with the countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and India 1,000 years ago. You are immersed in nature at Cham Island, where many still kept pristine beauty (forests, sea, beaches, springs …) has not been contaminated by human, enjoy fresh seafood good characteristic of this place.